Good News!

There’s no debating the news is heavy. For some reason the news has come to equate negativity and bad things- but meanwhile there are so many good things happening around the world we never hear about. The Happy Broadcast aims to counteract the negativity. Find them online on FB, Instagram or the web for a breath of fresh air. Here’s a short list of inspiring things that happened in 2019 and already in 2020 we can and are doing world-wide. Enjoy!

Norway has become the 1st country to ban deforestation! 

Comedian Celeste Barber has fundraised over $46 million for Australian firefighters. 

A species of giant tortoise believed to have been extinct for over 100 years has been discovered in the Galapagos Islands! 

New Zealand now serves edible coffee cups to combat waste during flights. 

Milan has launched a program pairing the elderly and students. This combats loneliness in the elderly and helps students save money. 

The Netherlands is officially the 1st country to have zero stray dogs. All dogs have a home. 

In the Piplantri village in India, for every girl born 111 tress are planted. They have planted over 350,000 trees a year celebrating girls. 

Costa Rica will run on 98% of renewable energy saving the country over $500,000,000. 

In Rome Italy you can buy a Metro ticket with plastic bottles. This single effort has recycled over 350,00 bottles.

Rice farmers are now turning to ducks rather than pesticides as ducks are notoriously successful pest eaters and leave the rice alone. 

New builds in Paris France are now required to include a rooftop garden. They already host the worlds largest rooftop garden at 14,000 sq meters. 

Former Patagonia CEO donated 10 MILLION acres in Chile, creating 5 new national parks! 

The UK is set to open the world 1st high speed train powered directly by the sun. 

California is the 1st state to ban animal testing for cosmetics. They also did away with taxing feminine hygiene products. 

Holland has covered hundreds of bus stops with “Green Roofs” which are plant boxes for pollinators. This not only feeds pollinators but captures dust and pollution, and creates city jobs to care for the boxes. 

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