Major Report on Chinese Medicine and Cancer Therapy

surgeons performing surgery

From CNN: This is a wonderful article on the proven supportive roles the scope of Chinese medicine plays for cancer therapy. China is doing incredible things successfully with traditional and biomedical therapies. An excerpt below:

Advantages and complications

“It’s like a treasure mine,” Chan said. “We already have a lot of information from history that we know that some of this formula works [and] some of this formula does not work.”

By exploring the active ingredients of thousands of items used in Chinese medicine, Chan believes, he could find treatment combinations to help patients heal faster.

Powdered herbs fill his lab at the University of Hong Kong, where his team carefully measures and tests the properties of ingredients in vials and how they react with chemicals and human cells.

“We look at traditional Chinese medicine in a more holistic way,” he said.

But such a merger requires due diligence to make sure the herbs complement, rather than confound or harm, any modern treatment — particularly with something as sensitive as cancer treatment.

Click here for the full article. 

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