Acupuncture Shown To Help Diabetes

grocery cart with item

This is an excellent article on how acupuncture improves blood sugar values and neuropathy for diabetes.

Highlights and specifics include the modality can:

  • lower glucose levels
  • increase insulin levels
  • improve glucose tolerance
  • improve blood glucose control
  • help with weight loss
  • protect pancreas islet function, which is responsible for insulin production
  • improve insulin resistance.
  • adjust the balance of hormones that affect diabetes, for example, melatonin, insulin, glucocorticold, and epinephrine

As some of you might know, I just completed my doctorate program in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. One of my teachers also looked into this. He had researched why people cannot get acupuncture while hungry or risk getting light-headed or passing out. Turns out the reason being is that according to his own study in the hospital doing before/after blood draws, acupuncture reduces blood sugar levels up to 20%.

So grab a sammy, and come get your acupuncture 😉


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