Fast Acting Acupuncture Heals Achilles Tendon Injuries

Fast Acting Acupuncture Heals Achilles Tendon Injuries

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It’s not just Achilles- but any tendon can benefit from acupuncture. If they are torn or strained, or the muscles are too, acupuncture quickens recovery and the results are often very quick.

Additionally while many people are calling it dry needling, the effects of ortho-acupuncture on the Achillles can also help with plantar fasciitis as the tendon will often strain the PF on the bottom of the foot. Acupuncture can and will treat all of the above. Here’s more on the doctors notes:

“Acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for Achilles tendon disorders. Two clinical case histories were published by Dr. Hawks demonstrating that acupuncture is “highly effective, with rapid results for both acute and chronic Achilles tendinopathy and was performed easily in an austere environment.” [1] Dr. Hawks works at the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and the treatments were administered to personnel while deployed overseas. 

The report notes that the treatment results were rapid with high efficaciousness.

The doctor conducting the study notes that a recent investigation demonstrates that acupuncture strengthens damaged tendons via anti-inflammatory actions and mechanotransduction (cells convert mechanical stimuli into electrochemical activity). [2] He adds that additional research demonstrates that acupuncture promotes healthy cellular function and increases blood flow and oxygenation to tendons. 

Acupuncture is in widespread use in clinics throughout the world and is even in common use by professional athletes. For example, NBA champion Chauncey Billups used acupuncture for a torn Achilles tendon during his basketball career. He notes that acupuncture reduced both pain and swelling of the Achilles tendon.

Research demonstrates several important findings. Acupuncture speeds repair and assists in the return of normal functioning of the tendon. Additionally, acupuncture strengthens the tendons and may prevent exacerbations, aggravations, and future injuries.”

For the full article click here by HealthCMI.

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