Free Guided Walking Meditation Recording

Try this Free Guided Walking Meditation Recording
By Ben Gaibel, LCSW

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When people think of meditation, there is often an image of sitting very still in an upright position and cross legged.  However, meditation can be practiced in any pose, and while doing any kind of movement. Walking meditation is a very healthy and grounding practice of bringing awareness to the walking movement that is so easily taken for granted.  So rather than walking on automatic pilot, we can be in touch with the subtle yet miraculous experience of walking.

With sitting meditation, a basic, but highly useful (and challenging!) instruction is to focus on an object such as the breath, and any time the mind wanders (which will happen often), we gently direct the attention back to the breath – over and over again.  With walking meditation, the walking itself can become the object of meditation.  Any time the mind wanders away from the experience/feeling of walking, the moment we catch ourselves lost in thought – we escort our attention back to walking.

There is quite a bit we can focus on during walking meditation.  It can be useful to pick one experience of walking to continually return the attention to, such as the feeling of the feet making contact with ground, or the feeling of the legs moving through space.  If walking at a fast pace, it can be easier to bring the attention to the body as whole, and/or the breath.  You can experiment with different speeds and different sensations of walking to focus on.  It can also be done out in nature, expanding the awareness to include other senses such as sights and sounds.  Ultimately, remember to enjoy and appreciate the gift of walking if you are able to do so.

Guided Walking Meditation

The guided recording practice below is best done in a space in which you can walk back and forth slowly in a straight line – about 15 to 20 feet in length. Walking meditation involves being fully present with the activity of walking, fully experiencing the subtle sensations of movement. This guided practice will help connect the mind and body, and develop the skill to be grounded in the body anytime you walk.


(Click here for the guided walking meditation)

For more free guided meditations guided by Ben Gaibel, check out

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