Try this At-Home Technique for Headaches

A  Headache Healing Touch Technique

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This tip comes from CIM’s own Healing Touch expert Nicole Kasemir.

Even if you have not taken a Healing Touch (HT) Level 1 class to learn about the human energy field and the chakras (energy centers that correspond to the major glands of the body and affect their level of functioning) and how they are intertwined to affect health and a sense of wellbeing, your HT practitioner can teach you simple techniques you can use on yourself at home, between doctors visits.

Modified Mind Clearing is one of the Pain Management methods that is simple and effective to use on yourself when you feel any type of headache, when you are anxious about a situation, when you want peace of mind or you want to calm your mind before a test or an important meeting.

To prepare for your own HT ‘mini-session’, find a quiet place to sit down; take a few deep breaths to center and ground yourself; set your intention for releasing the stress and the pain; ask for the loving healing energy to come through you, into your hands and flow out of your palms and fingers.  That energy, like a shower of white light, fills the area under your hands, wherever it is needed to clear the energy that does not serve you anymore, and replenishes with vibrant  energy that supports your healing, for your highest good.  Close your eyes.  You are now ready to start the hand positions (hold each one for at least one minute):

  1. Hands on each side of your upper chest, visualize the energy filling your neck, shoulders, lungs.
  2. One hand at the back of your neck, the other one on your forehead, clearing and replenishing the parts of the brain between your hands.
  3. Both hands side by side behind your head, like a small basket holding your occipital ridge; as you tilt your head back, push upward to lengthen the neck and put pressure on the many meridians going through that area.
  4. Both hands on the top of the head, fingers intertwined, affecting the right and left sides of the brain.
  5. Palms over your temples.
  6. Palms side by side over your brow.
  7. Palms over your eyes.
  8. With your wrists touching, hold your chin and cheeks; this helps reduce the anger, resentment and stress often time affects the TMJ.
  9. Hands crossed on your shoulders to complete the HT session and to give yourself a hug for the loveable person that you are.
  10. Take 2-3 minutes to reconnect to the present and check to what degree this HT has helped reduce or eliminate the pain.
  11. Share this with family and friends.  See the graphic of the hand positions when doing the Modified Mind Clearing on another person. (HT Level 2 Notebook p. 140


If you have any questions, comments or want to experience HT, please contact Nicole Kasemir at CIM 303-673-1615



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