Islands of….Trash?

Holistic and integrative care encompasses everything from food, to exercise, emotional and physical support and more. For this post we will expand to the wellness of our globe, which yields and provides the vital nutrients we require. The latest edition of National Geographic is a particularly powerful one that hits all homes near and far. The headlining topic involves the amount of trash floating in our oceans. Reportedly, one “island” in the Pacific is the size of Texas. Most of the trash comes from the land, the kind you see (or are so used to you don’t) in the backyard, near the lake or stream and it finds its way to the oceans.

Plogging is a Swedish craze that’s hit Europe which involves picking up trash on your run or walk. Below are straws from a Singapore beach.



Some painful points:

  • Animals are eating plastics, to death
  • The dyes and other chemicals to create plastic are also in the ocean creating yet to be determined effects.
  •  We only see about 30% of the trash on the surface- the rest is underwater
  • Over 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean PER YEAR
  • It’s estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean in 3 decades.
  • Your plastic lunch container will take 450 years to degrade.

Relatedly, mussels off the coast of Seattle are now testing positive for opioids. Waste water treatment centers cannot break down pharmaceuticals. That means most things you take will end up in the water supply.


What can you do to help?
Plogging is a fun way to burn extra calories. Upcycle, recycle, skip the plastic, carry your own reusable water bottle when traveling, decline straws and plastic bags when possible. Even getting soap in a box versus body wash in plastic bottles can make a huge difference.


What are some tricks you know of?

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