The Eclipse is Over, but We Can Still Look Up

The Eclipse is Over, but We Can Still Look Up
By Ben Gaibel, LCSW

My favorite part of the recent solar eclipse many of us witnessed on August 21st was seeing so many people enjoying the wonders of the universe together.  When I saw my coworkers crowded outside, stopping in the middle of the day to look up and enjoy the sky together, a thought passed through my mind: We should take a break to look up at the sky every day!

It is amazing how we can take the sky for granted and hardly even notice it.  When we stop and look up (not directly at the sun of course!), we can experience a sense of awe and wonder that can connect us to something much larger than just our own problems.  Even if it is just for a few seconds, really seeing the sky and appreciating its vastness and beauty can help us access a sense of well-being and connectedness with nature.  We can truly see and appreciate the deep blueness of a sunny day, the endless variety and uniqueness of constantly changing cloud formations, the birds forming a perfect “V” as they fly overhead, the incredible colors of the sunrise and sunset, the rain clouds forming near the horizon with an occasional lightning show in the distance, or the mysterious nighttime starry sky.

Even if you are having a very difficult and busy day, you can take a moment to take in the beauty of the sky, whether it’s looking out your window, while walking to your car, or getting outside to enjoy the display.  You can really let yourself see it, appreciate it, and feel a connection to its spaciousness.  When you truly see the sky and fully take it in, you might find that your mood can improve, and your problems can feel like they are no longer as big as they seem.  You don’t have to wait until the year 2045 for the next solar eclipse and wear those silly eclipse glasses to experience the awe and wonder that can be experienced every day. We just need to remember to occasionally look up and enjoy.

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