“WHOA” Holidays!

Stacy Beeson is our registered dietitian with the Integrative Medicine Center.   She practices functional nutrition which focuses on how whole foods and key nutrients help regulate health and the process of healing and longevity. Stacy has been a dietitian for 16 years.


WHOA for the Holidays.  WHOA stands for Winter Holiday Overeating Avoidance.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year with one food event after the other from Thanksgiving to New Years.  It’s part of our culture to celebrate with food.  During this time of eating extravaganza, keep these simple tips in mind to get into winter holiday overeating avoidance.

Be aware of Visual Triggers: Seeing is eating! You will be surrounded by food which will visually trigger you to eat. Remind yourself that if you didn’t see the food you wouldn’t have thought of it. Get if off the kitchen counter, out of the break room, off your desk or put it in the freezer.

Be a Healthy Messenger: If work goodies are common, bring in a basket of fruit, mixed nuts or homemade muffins instead of store-bought muffins that are more like cupcakes. Everyone feels more refreshed after healthy snacks.

Be Mindful and Thoughtful when Eating:  Clear your head before you open your mouth.  Being present with your food helps with satiety or satisfaction. Get into the practice of separating eating and any other task such as computer work or television viewing.  Involve all of your senses and organs in the eating experience – eyes, nose, mouth, head, heart and stomach.

Be Aware of the Different Types of Hunger:  We eat for different reasons because food fills many needs.  Realize there are at least three different types of hunger. Physical hunger comes from a growling, empty feeling in the stomach,  Emotional hunger comes from a feeling or a thought like stress or loneliness, not from stomach hunger.  Sensory hunger comes from wanting the taste or texture of food.  Get to know your different types of hunger and use a non-food activity to replace food if it isn’t stomach hunger.

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