Childrens Hospital Brings Acupuncture To The Little Ones.


CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)  is going to be joining a growing number of pediatric medical centers providing acupuncture.

Hospitals nationwide have an invested interest in acupunctures supportive medicine due to rates of opioid addiction and overdose fatalities sitting at record levels across America. As we need to look at other therapies to help with pain, acupuncture is repeatedly helping people increase range of motion, decrease scar tissue, and decrease pain. CHOP is bringing on acupuncturists to help support patients pain, nausea and other ailments. Having them in-house help doctors know that the acupuncturist is fully credentialed and available for questions and dialog to support patient care.

Of note, CHOP has bended its normally unfavorable view towards integrative health care due to patient demand. The more patients talk to their doctors and insurance, the safer, more widely available and with more insurance coverage acupuncture will be. It demonstrates how much power patients and consumers have over their health care choices until collectively doctors have the scientific “proof” and approval as to how acupuncture works. 99% of the time we have no idea what caused the dis-ease, but for some reason we are not ok with not knowing how you got out of that dis-ease when acupuncture works. As many say in the integrative health world, “just because you can’t prove it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work”. So until then, the millions who trust in that are reaping the benefits.


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