Healing Touch

HEALING TOUCH Level 1:  The Corner stone of Energy Therapy

Healing Touch Level 1 is a 16 hour intensive course that allows people with varying backgrounds to discover or further develop concepts and skills in energy based therapy.



Taking a Healing Touch Level 1 class is a personal adventure into your heart and soul! It allows you to explore and enhance who you are in all facets of your being and your relationship with your environment.  The class gives you simple, easy-to-learn steps and techniques that support health and facilitate the healing process in yourself and the people you care for. It not only establishes a strong foundation for understanding energy healing, it enables you to offer comfort and relief when nothing else seems to help.
You will learn:

  • Twelve techniques that you can use immediately
  • How to use your hands and heart to foster healing in others and in yourself
  • How to open your heart and spirit to everyone you know in a healing way


  • What your energy anatomy looks like – based on Barbara Brennan’s  work
  • How your energy anatomy is connected with your mind, body and spirit
  • What other people’s energy feels like
  • How to relieve pain and calm emotions in yourself and others
  • How to clear up energetic blockages that affect us negatively
  • How to maintain balance in your own energy  system so that you can thrive, not just survive
  • Personal development skills that will foster your personal and professional growth
  • How to share this exciting work in your community
  • How to tap into resources, that you can share with friends and colleagues, that demonstrate the scientific validity of Healing Touch
  • The Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that make the Healing Touch Program a professional, certified program

75% of the Healing Touch Level 1 class is actually hands-on.  You will practice the Healing Touch techniques that are taught with other class participants.  Each Healing Touch exercise is practiced and experienced and is followed by a group discussion.  It is common for participants to describe deep relaxation, reduction of anxiety and relief of pain.

Janet Mentgen, RN, the founder of HTP, developed the curriculum in the late 1980s. The principals of Healing Touch include Practicing with heart-centered consciousness in self-care and care of others and being sensitive to self and others by nurturing individual beliefs and practices.  Healing Touch promotes the practice of self-care as means of developing sensitivity to self and others.  In knowing yourself – realizing your basic needs and staying healthy, and in keeping your ‘cup full’ with the practice of unconditional love and compassion, you are in a better place to accompany others on their healing journey.

Nicole Kasemir, RN, HN, HTCP/I


Accreditation and Endorsements:
Healing Touch Program is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)’s COA.   Since January 2014, HTP Certified Practitioners are also accredited by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which attest to our professional standing.  The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork approves its CEs.  The US and Canadian Holistic Nurses Associations have endorsed our program since early 90’s.

“What’s great is the amount of hands-on experience and how quickly I got a good sense of how this works… (The instructors) did a great job of getting us together and getting everyone to practice quickly and effectively.”
-Student, Sharp-Coronado Hospital, Coronado,CA, May 2006

“I was “hooked” on Healing Touch shortly after taking my Level 1 class.  A client who had head-to-toe hives from an allergic reaction was relieved (of her hives)after receiving Magnetic Clearing. I continue to be humbled and awed at the profound healing that is possible with this work.”
-Student,Asheville,NC, June 2006

“I am impressed with the integrity and credibility of the Healing Touch Program. I plan to incorporate into my clinical practice the reminder of how powerful and special {it is} to be of service to others with love and energy.”
-Rosann Geiser, RN, MSN, HTCP/I, Healing Touch Instructor, Appleton, Wisconsin, USz


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