Top Acupuncture Points And Spices To Relieve Pain And Inflammation You Can Use At Home!

Did you know that pain can be considered “blood stagnation” in acupuncture and Chinese medicine? Where qi flows, blood follows, and where there is poor qi and blood flow, pain develops. Below is a great chart from AcuPro Academy on the different spices that are medicinal in Chinese medicine. Sprinkle on foods, or you can even mix with warm water in a foot bath for ailments like plantar fasciits, heel pain, ankle pain or foot pain. You can also brew as a tea, soak a paper towel or wash cloth and place over your injury or the site of the pain. You can also mix your herbal tea solution with your favorite lotion and apply. While you don’t need them all, you can use one or a couple, cinnamon, mint, turmeric and ginger are esp. great to apply topically as a tea mixture. Food is medicine!


Below is a chart displaying top points you can press for pain! 

Accupressure-points-revFor a more in-depth explanation of these points, this is a great site! Press or rub on each point with a pen/pencil top.

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