Upcoming Lectures at the Center for Integrative Medicine

We are excited to share our upcoming lecture series starting in late March. This series will be focusing on nutrition and traditional diets. The series will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm- 7pm at the Center for Integrative Medicine. Below is a description of our classes.

March 26th- Detoxification for the Spring

This talk will take you through the biochemical basis of “detox” using a whole foods approach. You will be able to identify environmental toxins that may be affecting your health and obtain a better understanding the organs of detoxification. You will also learn the fundamentals of a safe, food-based detox diet with discussion of supplemental support that may be helpful under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. This simple approach can be a good platform for customizing your diet and forming new habits as you find your path to wellness.

Speaker: Laura Palazzolo, MS, RDN

April 2- Mediteranian Diet

This will be an informative talk about the Mediterranean diet’s health benefits, particularly with regard to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. What makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy? It’s a combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in many Mediterranean foods, the consumption of healthy fats such as olive oil and omega 3s, the moderate intake of red meat and dairy products, and the low consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Questions about dairy, meat, sugar, alcohol, organics vs. non-organics will be addressed.

Speaker: Conner Middelmann-Whitney, BSc, DipION

April 9- Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India.  The ancient Vedic physicians who developed Ayurveda placed profound importance on the act of eating and choice of what to eat. Learn about the Ayurvedic approach to diet and discover your mind-body type to transform your relationship with your body, emotions, and food.

Speaker: Shahara Bryan, CHHC, AADP

April 16- Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used food as a way to heal and prevent disease for over 3000 years. In TCM practice , foods are considered to have qualities that may enhance or detract from wellbeing.  In this talk, our Traditional Chinese Medicine providers will teach the fundamentals of dietary prescription through eastern philosophy and diagnosis.

Speakers: Jennifer Leonard, L.Ac. & Shayan Landrum, L.Ac.

In addition to our nutrition series, we will be having a lecture from our massage therapist, Lori Ilyse Streim reagarding the benefits of massage during and after cancer treatment.

April 30- Oncology Massage

his class is an invitation to patients, their caregivers, staff and our community to learn about the difference between regular massage and oncology massage. Massage for cancer patients can: reduce anxiety and depression, ease pain, reduce nausea, improve sleep, ease fatigue and relieve neuropathy.

Speaker: Lori Ilyse Streim, Oncology Massage Therapist

Please see our full listings and sign up for any of our classes here or simply use the links on the home page of our blog.


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